PROFASTEN Drywall Screws have deeper threads, sharp points, make them penetrating the surface easier. Having a good handle on just three main features of drywall screws will help: length, gauge, and thread. Gauge refers to the diameter of drywall screw. In most cases, you will be using #6 or #8 gauges of drywall screws. Keeping in mind that as gauge numbers increase, the screw becomes larger in diameter. So, a #6-gauge drywall screw would be thinner than a #8 drywall screw. Actual sizes of drywall screw gauges:

#6 – 3.5 mm or 0.138 inch
#8 – 4.2 mm or 0.164 inch

• Bugle head : Bugle head refers to the cone-like shape of the screw head. This shape helps the screw stay in place, without tearing all the way through the outer paper layer.

• Sharp point : The point makes it easier to stab the screw into the drywall paper and get the screw started.

• Coatings : Black drywall screws have a phosphate coating to resist corrosion. A different type of drywall screw has a nickel or chrome coating as well as zinc coating that are more often used in wood.

PROFASTEN screws are made using the 1022 grade made from material of Usha steel/Jindal steels Low grade wire to save cost
Case hardened with accurate deepness due to appropriate way of heat treatment of screws Case hardness is too deep, the screws become very brittle and snap in two, while being installed
Changes the dies and punches of header machine more frequently to ensure better quality Uses dies and punches for much longer period resulting in varying sizes and non-uniform batches of screws
In-house facility for heat treatment, polish and packing ensures monitoring at every stage of production Sub-contracting leads to mix of various batches of screws
Well – Inspected No – Inspected


A standard drywall screw can be readily identified by its black finish. This colour comes from a phosphate mineral coating that is applied to these screws. This coating helps to minimize rusting and corrosion as the screws are exposed to wet joint compound or paint. Apart from phosphate coating, drywall screw is also available in Nickel / Chrome and Zinc coating.

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